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BLOGGER BOOT CAMP | Day 11: Combatting Winter Skin Woes

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Even though winter is almost over here in the Northern Hemisphere, my skin hasn't received the memo. It's dry, cracked, itchy and all things unpleasant. So, I've scoured the Internet for some good tried and true tips to remedy Winter Skin Woes, From Head to Toe! Let me know if you've tried them. ;)

This might be TMI but I have a dry and itchy scalp. It gets worse in winter when there's less moisture in the air. I used to use shampoos with harsh surfactants that further exacerbated the problem. After switching to a sulfate-free shampoo, my scalp has been less dry. 

But, it still itches from time to time, so adding a 2-3 drops of tea tree oil for every ounce of shampoo remedied that problem for me. The amount is so miniscule that the scent doesn't linger once I wash it out.

With strong winds and lower humidity, my face gets dry easily. Instead of using a thick cream and clogging my pores, layering watery textures a la Korean Skin Care helps add moisture without feeling heavy on the skin. If my skin is really dry and foundation looks horrible, adding a facial oil beforehand locks in the hydration and adds a radiance to my skin. Throughout the day, I'll also spray a facial mist and pat it in to prevent my foundation from drying out my skin. Plus, it adds a nice glow that helps hide the dullness.

If your skin is dry, check your products' ingredients for sulfates, fragrant essential oils, and SD alcohol/denatured alcohol/isopropyl alcohol. For some people, these ingredients can be irritating and hurt the skin's natural barrier. Showering in hot water or too often can strip the skin of the natural barrier as well. For those of you who shave, make sure you're using a fresh razor! Nothing irritates skin like a dull blade. You'll also get a much closer shave AND less nicks. If you're looking for affordable razors, look no further than the Dollar Shave Club! There's 3 types of monthly subscriptions so you'll never be without a sharp razor for a clean shave every time :D

Dry and cracked heels are the bane of my existence. Avoiding open toed shoes like sandals or flip flops will help the skin from cracking. If you're already at the point of no return, using a pumice stone can exfoliate the tough skin. But my favorite alternative is to lather a super thick body cream on my feet and wearing socks right before bed. After two or three nights of this, your feet will be as soft as a cloud! 

So these are my 10 tips to combat winter skin woe!
 What have you been doing to keep the flakes away?


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