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HAUL | Colourpop Shadows and Lippies

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After following the Youtube beauty community for several years and being burned countless of times, I hesitated on jumping on the Colourpop bandwagon. KathleenLights is one of my favorite Youtubers so when she released her second collaboration with Colourpop, I wanted to show my support. But as every beauty lover is prone to do, my eyes started wandering and I ended up with 8 Super Shock Eyeshadows, 3 Ultra Matte Lips, 2 Lippie Stix, 1 Satin Matte Lip and 1 Lippie Pencil. For someone trying to downsize her collection, hauls seem counterintuitive. But I have no other reason for wanting this other than that I cannot turn away from glittery shadows and affordable products.  I have swatches of the lip products and two looks for y'all. I wanted to keep the shadows looking pretty for a review so I haven't swatched them for the blog but will include those photos soon!

PRODUCT SMACKDOWN | Benefit's Watt's Up v NYX Bright Idea Illuminating Stick

PRODUCT SMACKDOWN | Benefit's Watt's Up v NYX Bright Idea Illuminating Stick in chardonnay shimmer review and swatches

We are in the height of the highlighting craze so I thought a Product Smackdown comparing my two favorite highlighters would be apt. I have come a long way from my powdery matte finish days. With the inundation of highlighting products, I have amended my routine to include subtle highlights. In my experience, cream highlighters are the best at achieving a natural, dewy glow. Benefit's Watts Up! Highlighter has been a long time favorite due to its subtle radiance. Recently, I found the NYX Bright Idea Illuminating Stick through a lazy browse on Ulta's website. Intrigued, I scanned the colors and saw that Chardonnay Shimmer suspiciously looked similar to Watt's Up and immediately put it in my basket. After a good trial, I'm ready to share my findings with y'all today!

BEAUTY ROUNDUP | August 2016

The end of August has been a busy month for me as I went back to school. As such, blog posts will be even more sporadic than they already are, haha. But anyway, let's talk about all the products I've been using all month. This one is heavily skincare-based as I've been reaching for all the same things from the previous months, so if you want to know about my makeup favorites, check the previous Beauty Roundups!
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EMPTIES | August 2016

august 2016 monthly empties, makeup, skincare, body care
 August was a productive month for me as I finally tackled my collection. I went through every item, tossing the bad stuff and organizing the pretties that was still useable. I've been documenting my progress through my Destashing Project, so click on the link to see what makeup I'm keeping and which I'm saying goodbye to. I didn't finish every item in here but most of them have gone bad so I want to clear them out. So without further ado, let's get into the products!

FOTD | Quick & Easy Back to School Makeup

FOTD | Quick & Easy Back to School Makeup
I'm writing this while waiting for my first class of the semester to start, so excuse the spelling mistakes, hehe. I'm sure many of you can empathize with me on first day jitters. I can never get a good night's sleep before an important event so I'm dealing with dark circles, watery eyes and lackluster skin. Waking up in the morning isn't a struggle for me but I can be sluggish. Doing my makeup gives my brain to wake up as well as giving me a confidence boost. Because I'm quite slow in the mornings, I decided to do a bare basics look and time myself. But I also wanted to see how long it would take me if I added a few things here and there for a complete look, which lately is turning into my fancy face, haha.

So I'll be walking y'all through my bare basics look and my fancy face to give you some ideas and tips. If you aren't going back to school, lucky you! This'll still work for work or any other occasion in which you just want the bare necessities and don't want to be faffing about with a billion brushes.