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All products mentioned (except for a select few that were gifts or samples) were purchased with my own money. I am not sponsored/endorsed by any of the companies mentioned on my blog and am not compensated for my posts. All opinions are my own. If I like something, expect me to shout it from the mountain tops and tell anyone who would listen! Conversely, if I dislike something, I'll point out what I specifically was disappointed in--it's all about constructive criticism here! As readers and the motivation behind why I write, your trust is very important to me so I would never lie about a product if it didn't work for me.

In the spirit of full disclosure, products marked with an asterisk (*) were given to me as samples or gifts with purchase. Products marked with two asterisks (**) were given to me by my friends and family. Products marked with a caret (^) are affiliate links, which means I receive loyalty points for any purchase you make through using my link. Those points will of course be invested back into this blog. I started this blog as a fun hobby to disseminate information freely and widely with my fellow beauty enthusiasts so I'm not looking for any monetary gain. I'll also mention this information in the beginning and end of the post in case I forget to add the little symbols to indicate how I received this product.

Most images on this blog are taken by me personally. However, I'll occasionally use photos that I believe are in the public domain to further illustrate a certain aspect of a product that I have failed to capture with my rudimentary photography skills. If the image(s) happen to be yours and you want it to be taken down, please don't hesitate to contact me and mention the photo(s) in question--no hard feelings and my sincerest apologies. If you happen to stumble upon a photo of mine that you appreciate and want to share to your social media, by all means, be my guest and share it! On the other hand, if you are caught using my photos without crediting me and/or for your own personal gain, whether it be for advertorial, your own blog, etc.--a pox on your family! Just kidding, I wouldn't want that but please don't steal my photos; I work hard to make them look good for my readers. If you would like to use my photos, a simple mention and a link to my blog would suffice--I'd also love to see/read the post you used it in to show my heartfelt appreciation!

I cannot guarantee that the product(s) will work for you. People come in a variety of sizes and shapes so I cannot foresee any and all risks associated with using the products I mention. Therefore, I am not liable for any and all adverse reactions you may have. Just as people are diverse, the products I mention have diverse reactions as well! If you like something I don't, that doesn't mean the product is necessarily bad--just that it didn't serve the purpose I intended for it, caused a bad reaction for me, or a myriad of other reasons. Whatever floats your boat! On that note, if I like something you dislike, that's okay! Just don't curse me into oblivion or something sinister like that...

I'm sure most readers that come to my blog are quite nice folks so this seems a bit redundant. However, I think it's important to just set some ground rules. When it comes to comments, please keep them pertinent to the post in question. I don't mind talking about the pros and cons of a hybrid car or gushing over your new puppy, but that's more relevant on one of my social media platforms, which I'll sneakily insert my TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM. Please keep it civil when disagreeing with either myself or another reader--no need to hate. After all, it's just makeup and not worth starting World War III over. Having said that, I reserve the right to flag/delete any comments that I perceive to be negative, inflammatory, discriminatory, and unrelated to the purpose of my blog, which is to share my beauty experience and knowledge with my fellow beauty enthusiasts. That also means that spam or unnecessary advertising links/comments unrelated to a beauty blog--I've gotten some about roofing companies and other random advert links--will be promptly removed. I don't mind readers advertising their blog links, but anything other than that will be removed.

I do not approve or endorse the products or information available on the sites I may link to--it's just for additional information for your perusal if you find it necessary. Proceed at your own risk.

Finally, please don't take any advice I provide here as medically/scientifically sound and true. I try my best to do my research but I'm not perfect and wouldn't want something bad to happen to my dear readers. The information I provide is to guide and encourage you to take an interest in what you're slathering all over your beautiful self and not meant to be the end-all to the discussion. Rather, I'd love to hear your opinions, especially if you respectably disagree with me. Links provided to why I think the way I think will be provided upon availability--take everything mentioned with a healthy dose of salt (figuratively--too much sodium can cause an imbalance in your thyroid/body).

As always, I look forward to interacting with y'all and dishing on the latest and greatest!



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