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BLOGGER BOOT CAMP | Day 15: Transformation Tuesday: Once Upon a Time inspired

once upon a time snow white inspired makeup look, march blogger boot camp day 15, makeupwithaheart, spring makeup look
Hello everyone! Spring is in full force here in California and I'm so glad. I'm getting ready to plant my flowers. For #TransformationTuesday, I decided to transform myself into a character in one of my all-time favorite tv shows, Snow White from Once Upon a Time! Her look is always so fresh-faced and lovely, so I think it'll look great throughout the Spring. I even attempted false lashes in this post and I think I did okay for a first try!

once upon a time snow white inspired makeup look, march blogger boot camp day 15, makeupwithaheart, spring makeup look
Here's an overview of all the products that went into creating this look. You'll need:
  • a natural finish foundation --  Tarte Amazonian Colored Clay Liquid Foundation in shade Light
  • a concealer (as needed) -- NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard
  • a luminous natural blush -- Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush
  • an eye primer -- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • various pink toned eyeshadows -- Wet n Wild Trio in I'm Getting Sunburned and Sweet as Candy; Naked  3 Palette
  • a liquid liner -- Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper
  • an eyebrow product that creates dramatic brows -- e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Kit in Dark
  • individual false lashes -- Revlon shorts
  • eyelash glue -- Kiss Premium Eyelash Adhesive
  • volumizing and lengthening mascara -- Too Faced BTS Mascara
  • blue-based hot pink lip color -- Etude House Lock n Summer Color Lips in PK004
once upon a time snow white inspired makeup look, march blogger boot camp day 15, makeupwithaheart, spring makeup look
0. Prep your eye with eye primer and skin-toned base color of choice. My eyelids are quite oily so eye primer is always needed. Using a skin-toned eyeshadow over top smooths out the eye primer as well as facilitates blending.

1. Using a pink-toned taupe color, I blended Limit into the socket area. 

2. I applied a shimmery silvery champagne pink eyeshadow all over the lid, keeping under the socket line. For the outer half, I used a shimmery orchid pink eyeshadow. To add more definition to my socket line, I used a medium taupe shadow on a pencil brush. 

3. Her signature look includes a kitten flick winged liner. I started thinner on the inner corner, gradually thickening the line as I got to my outer corner. To soften the line, I used an almost black shadow over the top, slightly blending the line. Adding a bit of drama to the look, I used the same eyeshadow in the outer corner. After a generous coat of mascara to the top lashes, I applied 3 individual short lashes to the outer corner, placing the lash one above my pupil.

4. Finally, I added the same silvery champagne color to my lower lashline. I didn't photograph this but I also added mascara to my lower lash line to balance out the eye. Snow White has super bold brows so I used a brow cream for precision and darkness. It actually photographs nicely even if it looked a bit much in person, haha.


once upon a time snow white inspired makeup look, march blogger boot camp day 15, makeupwithaheart, spring makeup look


Snow White always has a nice, peaches and cream complexion. To recreate that, I used a natural finish foundation. Her face is usually matte on the show but a completely matte face doesn't look good on me. For the blush, I used a natural color for me. By that I mean picking a color that you personally would blush. Pinching your cheeks can help guide you in finding the right color. I have a pink tinge to my cheeks naturally so this one from Hourglass mimics it well and evenly. It has a slight sheen to it so I went without highlighter. Looking at the photos now, I think I added a bit of contour. Snow White has a round face so no need for contour but it must've been left over from the look I did before this. 

She normally does not have a full-on lipstick so I went with a liquid lipstick formula that can be sheered out for longevity. In the bottle, it was the right color but the natural color of my lips blended with the sheered out lip color to create this warm, rosey hue.

 My natural coloring is quite opposite of Snow White so I did adjust the colors to fit me. Colors that would look right on her actually washes me out and my natural coloring changes how those colors look on me. As with any look, tweak it to suit your needs!

I hope you enjoyed this look. This is definitely one of my most favorite looks I've ever done and I was actually gutted to take it off at night. My brother also complimented me and he never remarks on any of my looks. It's definitely one I will be wearing often this Spring. Also, I didn't bother covering up my face volcanoes too much. I find that when they're at that stage, nothing but a miracle can disguise them so I just applied a light layer of foundation over top to cover redness and called it a day. There are more experienced makeup magicians who can vanish them with a brush and concealer but I'm just not one of those people...yet. Anyhoo, I hardly noticed them once I was done because I was in love with my cheeks!

What is your favorite Spring look? 
Have you ever taken inspiration from one of your favorite TV shows?


Cindy ♥

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