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DE-STASHING PROJECT | Going Cruelty-Free: Lip Edition

I'm back for another De-Stashing Project! This time, it's all my non-cruelty free lip products. If you haven't been keeping up with this series, I am transitioning to a cruelty-free blog so I went through and pulled out everything that isn't CF. Attempting to use up all my non-CF stuff up first is the main goal but I'm also hoping to cut down my collection because I want to curate a collection of all my favorite things. This is the last part of the makeup before I move onto skincare and then hair/body. Eventually, I will go through the rest of my collection until it is down to a manageable size. So without further ado, let's move into the products!
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  • *REVLON LIP BUTTER -- Back in the day, these were all the rave. I didn't buy into it because I wanted a lip product that could survive the apocalypse. These days, my lips are too dry so these balmier textures are much more forgiving. This one is more like a glossy lipstick. When my lips are dry but not peeling, these look great. When the color wears off, I don't feel the moisture lingering so constant reapplication is a must, especially if you eat and drink a lot. Not one of my faves. 
  • *MAYBELLINE BABY LIPS -- Again, these were all the rage when they were first released. It felt like Pokemon where I had to collect them all. I've used up at least two or three of these so you can definitely tell I like them. They've come out with limited edition ones but I prefer the ones from the original line. They are slightly tinted with just enough moisture. For a lip balm, the Electro Lip Balms have tons of pigment but they lack that moisturizing feel. The Pink'd Collection came in varying shades of pink,  have that same moisturizing feel but lacked pigment, essentially a clear balm on my lips. If my lips are in a bad condition, these babies will heal them as I wear.
  • *MAYBELLINE COLOR WHISPERS (swatches) -- Maybelline make my favorite drugstore mascara as well as my favorite lip products. These one are more pigmented than the Baby Lips but they're less moisturizing. If my lips are in good condition, then these look fine but if they're already chapped, this won't help them get better. But I like that my hair doesn't stick to my lips, which is the bane of a long-haired glossy lip-loving gal. 
  • *L'OREAL COLOR RICHE BALM (review) -- These are another hit with me! I wasn't too keen on initial use but they definitely grew on me. I have pigmented lips so these intensify the color slightly. I originally had four, used up one and lost one so these two berry shades are the true survivors, haha. I'd say these are slightly heavier in terms of texture than the Baby Lips but are more translucent in terms of color. Storing them is a pain since the square shapes takes up a lot of space but I like that the cap matches the color inside.
  • *BENEFIT LOLLIBALM (first Impressions) -- I got these in a holiday kit and promptly got rid of Benebalm because I'm not into red lips as much. They're nothing special, as the drugstore is saturated with great lips balms at an affordable price but the packaging is sooo cute. Whenever I pull this out of my bag, I always get questions on it. Purple lips is a territory I have not explored but this is a gentle purpley pink that I can definitely get on board with.
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  • *BENEFIT  BENETINT, POSIETINT, CHA CHA TINT, & LOLLITINT -- Lipstains are relatively rare in the Western market but are the lip product of choice in Korea. If I judge them in a vacuum, the colors are packaging are really cute but for the price, I think there are better options if you're willing to buy online. These are sheer enough to allow my natural lip color to peek through but have enough pigment to look the color in the bottle. I like them for natural days but these definitely need a lip balm if you're prone to dry lips like me.
  • BUXOM LIP POLISH -- I much prefer mint in my drinks and ice cream. Minty lip products automatically turn me off because I hate the tingly feeling. Tarte isn't so bad and I can tolerate the BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipglosses but the Buxom really hurt my lips. These immediately stung my lips and I immediately searched for tissues to take it off. After that initial use, I haven't touched any more colors, so this one is basically unused. Luckily, their lip glosses and lipsticks don't have that awful stinging so stick to those if you have sensitive lips.
  • *LANCOME LIP LOVER -- I didn't expect to like this as much as I do. Though I prefer matte lips for longevity, my pesky pucker can't handle the dryness. These are much like the Dior Addict Fluid Sticks but the one I have isn't as pigmented. They go on like a gloss but dry down to a comfortable stain. My lips didn't get chapped when using this so it's a keeper, for sure. Sad that Lancome isn't cruelty-free because I'd definitely pick up more colors.
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  • *BENEFIT HOOLA, DANDELION, SUGARBOMB AND CORALISTA LIPGLOSS -- Nothing special about these glosses. I find Benefit makes better face products than lip products. The colors match their boxed powders but aren't pigmented enough to show up on my lips. They aren't as sticky as other glosses so if you hate sticky glosses but don't mind low pigment glosses, these will do the job.
  • *MARC JACOBS ENAMORED HIGH SHINE LIP GLOSS -- I've only used this once so I don't have a strong opinion on it. Fair to say, I'm not a lip gloss kind of person so most of them are meh in my opinion. I much prefer a balmy lipbalm or lipstick for a glossy lip. 
  • *MUFE ARTIST PLEXI GLOSS -- First off, this milky pink color does not suit my complexion. Second of all, the applicator tip is a weirdly wide flat paddle that doesn't pick up product evenly. There will hardly be any product on one side and too much on the other, giving me a messy application. It's also very sticky and gloopy so I save this for nighttime right before bed. Wouldn't recommend this color unless greasy chicken lips are your thing.
  • **VINCENT LONGO PERFECT SHINE LIPGLOSS (review) -- I mentioned in my review that I didn't care for these lip glosses. It's hard to impress me and lip gloss is already a product I'm not keen on. The colors I picked didn't have enough pigment for my tastes. These did feel sticky but not as gloopy as the MUFE glosses. The darker red applied streaky so I wouldn't recommend them. Lastly, they leak and for such expensive products, I'd expect more out of them. 
  • **LIPFUSION INFATUATION LIQUID SHINE MULTI-ACTION LIP FATTENERS (swatches) -- Initially, I was a fan of these, prompting me to pick up two additional colors. Nowadays, I wouldn't recommend them for two reasons. First of all, they're very pigmented but since they have a typical lip gloss viscosity, they migrate everywhere. If you're not eating or drinking, you wouldn't notice this as much but after a meal, these will somehow end up on my chin! They do have a tingly feeling but I don't notice any significant plumping action. So these are a pass. 
  • TARTE LIPSURGENCE LIPGLOSS -- Out of all the lip glosses I've tried, these are my favorite. They don't tingle and the vanilla scent isn't off-putting. Some have more pigment than others. However, they are on the sticky side. I don't mind as much because the color goes on evenly and they wear off without awkward smudges on my chin. These do moisturize my lips so I like to use them on really bad lip days, making sure to keep my hair up and out of my face. 
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  • *L'OREAL COLLECTION PRIVEE LIPSTICKS (first impressions) -- I've previously reviewed these on the blog and my opinions haven't changed. Finding a flattering nude lipstick isn't easy but L'Oreal simplifies the process by choosing 6 spokesmodels of various skintones to help consumers decide. But I'm a rebel and chose the 3 colors that appealed to me: a pinky nude, a peachy nude and a browny nude. Julianne's Nude is a bit too light but with the right makeup, doesn't look too stark. J Lo's Nude is the right nude for my skintone, though I much prefer her amazing glow! Eva's Nude is bit darker but I can follow the 90's lip trend without going out and buying a brown lipstick, hehe. I do like them but I prefer something more moisturizing for every day.
  • *MUFE ARTIST ROUGE NATURAL IN N9 (swatches) -- If I had to stick to one lipstick formula for the rest of my life, I'd choose this one. The color is gorgeous, doesn't chap my lips, yet doesn't transfer to my chin. However, the line has been discontinued and revamped. Also, MUFE isn't cruelty-free so this will be the only one in my collection.
  • *REVLON SUPER LUSTROUS LIPSTICK -- From high end to drugstore, these are one of the best lipsticks I've tried. Moisture is one of the top things I look for in a lipstick and these deliver. The four shades I have are all great however, the smell is atrocious. It smells like the lipstick has gone off but I had just bought them! Let me know if yours smells bad too...
  • *RIMMEL LONDON LASTING FINISH LIPSTICK IN AIRY FAIRY (product smackdown)-- Heart from That'sHeart featured it in one of her favorites so I had to make it mine. This is a baby pink that my skin tone can pull off. I find that lipsticks with a white base can clash with my yellow undertone but this doesn't do that. I compare it to Bobbi Brown's Pale Mauve in my Product Smackdown so read that post for comparisons!
  • *BOBBI BROWN LIPSTICK IN SALMON -- I decluttered two others to my mom and kept this color. It's a orangey creamsicle that I liked back in the day. Now, I don't get much use out of it so I might sell this in a blog sale as I've maybe used it twice.
  • *MAYBELLINE COLOR SENSATIONAL THE BUFFS -- In an attempt to be a more well-rounded blogger, I gave nudes a try. I picked up Stormy Sahara because it looked amazing on Isabella over on Musings of a Muse and it looks great on my skintone as well, even though I have a darker complexion than she. This is still my go-to nude when I want a warm orange color. It isn't concealer like but goes well with warmer dramatic looks. Claire from HeyClaire recommended Sin-a-mon in a monthly favorites so of course, I had to get it. This one is a bit too brown for me but I like mixing it with other lipsticks to darken the color. Definitely recommend as it doesn't chap my lips throughout wear.
  • *MAYBELLINE CREAMY MATTES -- They originally came out with 10 colors and I picked 4 of my most-likely-to-wear colors. Due to the popularity, they came out with an additional 10 colors for a total of 20, quite extensive for a drugstore brand. I definitely like these as the matte finish isn't drying. I like these and would pick up more if Maybelline was cruelty-free. 
  • *RIMMEL LASTING FINISH MATTE BY KATE MOSS LIPSTICK (review) -- Back in the day, I was all about my matte lips. These are long lasting for a lipstick and pigmented with just one swipe. The fruity smell put off some people but I really liked it. Wear is comfortable and fade evenly. I ended up picking up an additional color but won't be from now on. 
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  • *CLINIQUE CHUBBY STICK LIP BALM -- Strawberry came in a GWP at Sephora and I think it's okay. It was an innovative product but now, there's so many brands that do it much better. I find it's not moisturizing enough nor pigmented enough. I pretty much use it as a topper over Benetint as a way to use it up. I wouldn't go out and buy more.
  • *STILA AFTERGLOW LIP COLOR (swatches)-- These lip crayons totally caught my attention because they glow under black light. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to test them but I have seen photos! I haven't featured them in a post because you can't get them anymore and I got mine in a clearance sale. They are decently pigmented, allowing a bit of my natural lip color to peek through. I picked up five colors but as you'll see below, I found some dupes in my collection. 
  • *REVLON KISSABLE LIPBALM STAIN -- I was obsessed with these because I wanted a lip color that didn't need touch ups throughout the day. I think I ended up buying the entire line save for a nude and lilac. I've never done that with any other line so that speaks volumes on how much I love these. Sweetheart is my favorite because it's such a punchy pink for summer. It's also a dupe of one of the Stila Afterglow Lip Color in Party Pink. It's not as pigmented but on my lips, they look indistinguishable. A close dupe of Rave Red (more orange-red) is Revlon Romantic (more pink). Revlon Rendezvous (more orange) is close to Tangerine Dream (leans coral). I'm sad to see them be discontinued because I think they strike the right balance between moisture, longevity and pigment. 
  • NARS SATIN LIP PENCIL -- There hasn't been a NARS product I've tried that I didn't like. I now have 4 of these in my collection and love them (almost) equally. Rikugien is a lovely rosey pink with subtle silver shimmer. The shimmers don't have texture but give a slight plumping look. I have another mini but would definitely repurchase this color! Luxembourg looked beautiful on Angel from Beautifyme so I also got it. I wanted a pinky red but this pulls warmer toned on me. I still like it and will be keeping it. Lodhi is a coral but it pulls very neon orange on me, not flattering at all. Cruella is the newest addition to my collection. It's part of the Velvet Matte and is a stunning red. I'll definitely have to include it in a look for fall!
  • *BOBBI BROWN ART STICKS (review)-- I raved about these back then and thank my lucky stars that these became a part of the permanent collection. They have now expanded to 14 colors from the original 6. The two-in-one lipstick and lip liner combo is helpful when you're getting ready in a hurry. They have a firmer and drier formula than the ones I've talked about here and it has full opacity. If you were worried that the drier formula would be drying, let me dispel those fears. Even on my drier lips, I never got chapped lips. They truly do last all day with minor touch ups toward the center needed after greasy meals. Bright Raspberry is my favorite and I wore it tons two summers ago. I think I'll do updated swatches since the colors all look the same in my post. The color swatches online are quite accurate to how they appear on my lips.
Stila After Glow Lip Color in Rave Red, Revlon Kissable Balmstain in Romantic, Stila AGLC in Party Pink, Revlon JKBS in Sweetheart, Stila AGLC in Tangerine Dream, Revlon JKBS in Rendezvous, swatches
from left to right: random color, Stila After Glow Lip Color in Rave Red, Revlon Kissable Balmstain in Romantic, Stila AGLC in Party Pink, Revlon JKBS in Sweetheart, Stila AGLC in Tangerine Dream, Revlon JKBS in Rendezvous, random color
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  • *REVLON COLORSTAY MOISTURE STAIN (review) -- I raved about these in the past and I still feel the same way. I'd consider these to be formula dupes for the Dior Addict Fluid Sticks. Initially, they go on like a gloss but wear down into a comfortable stain. They don't ball up with additional layers but I only needed two for full opacity. I ended up picking up Parisian Passion because if I'm wearing a darker lip, I want something that's going to stay on and look great. 
  • *DIOR ADDICT FLUID STICKS -- I only picked up one color and I'm glad that it's this one. It doesn't look anything special in this photo but the pink lip is just bright enough to be casual yet perky. I love this for spring and summer and I always feel like I have a good lip day with this on. Definitely recommend if your wallet can handle it but I think the Revlon is just as good. 
  • *SHISEIDO ROUGE GLOSS IN RS306 -- Just going to come out and say it, I don't like this. First off, the color Plum Wine, is too dark for my tastes. It leans on the purple side, which I'm not a fan of. Secondly, it doesn't set and moves everywhere. It's like an ultra pigmented lip gloss with tons of slip. This color seems to be discontinued but I wouldn't recommend it anyway.
  • *RIMMEL LONDON SHOW OFF LIP LACQUERS (review)-- When I want a bright, look-at-me lip, these are the ones I'd reach for. I wasn't too keen on them at first because I was using way too much. With a thin layer, I get full opacity and 6 hours of wear before fading. I literally only need two or three dabs for full color. I've never used an OCC Lip Tar but I think they're quite similar in terms of function. Aurora is my favorite for doing the Korean gradient lip look but I really enjoy them all. Definitely recommend if you're willing to work with them.
  • *RIMMEL LONDON SHOW OFF LIP VELVETS (review)-- Since I liked the originals so much, I had to give the spin off a try. These are more matte and moussier in texture but last just as long. I find them to be more slippery than the Lip Lacquers but you do have time to clean up before it sets. While they aren't bulletproof, they do last for 6 hours with light eating. I've taken to mixing them with my similarly textured products and feel like such a cosmetic chemist!
  • *RIMMEL LONDON PROVOCALIPS (review) -- Honestly, Rimmel make my favorite lip products from the drugstore. I've never had to look to high end shops because the drugstore perform just as well in my opinion. These are another hit because after a greasy fried chicken meal, these hardly showed any wear (but that's only noticeable because I was looking hard for it). I didn't need a touch up but did just to see how'd they layer and these are solid. They do feel drying on their own but the balm side remedies that situation. Highly recommend if you can find them.
  • *STILA LIQUID LIPSTICK IN BESO (swatches) -- This is good stuff. I can see why it has a cult following. It's super matte but curiously, it didn't dry out my lips. It has a strong vanilla cupcakes scent but that doesn't linger. The color isn't something I'd wear every day but if I need a lipstick that would last, I'd definitely go for this. I contemplated picking up more but price per ounce put me off. I'd recommend Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in Big Bang if you're looking for an intense, bright red. Just use the tiniest bit and dab off any excess for a long-lasting finish!
  • *BOURJOIS ROUGE EDITION VELVET (review) -- I've heard beauty bloggers across the pond raving about these so like the sheeple I am, I grab all the colors I could get my hands on. Lesson learned: don't do that. Out of the seven I initially bought, I only liked 3 enough to keep wearing. Grand Cru was a complete dud and it seems like I'm not the only one that felt this way. Typical Cindy but I liked Ole Flamingo (a bright warm pink), Nude-ist (a darker mauve pink) and Happy Nude Year (peachy pink). The brighter colors perform well but look too much for everyday. I'm still keeping them around because I do like bold lips from time to time but if you like earthy tones and light makeup, I'd stick to Nude-ist and Happy Nude Year. 
And this marks the conclusion of my Makeup De-Stashing Project! I'm actually keeping most of these so I'm not going to do a count like I did for the others. I personally wouldn't buy a pre-owned lipstick so I doubt most people would buy mine. I'm in the process of tallying up my entire collection just so I can know what I have and what I should toss as I forgot to go through my makeup graveyard pile. These were from my regular collection so I can't imagine what else I'd find. I will be doing a skincare, hair and body products version next so stay tuned for that! 

(*) denotes a brand that is not cruelty-free.
(**) denotes a brand whose cruelty-free status is unknown/unverified. 

Would you buy a pre-owned lip product? 
What are your thoughts on blog sales?


Cindy ♥


  1. Wow you're doing amazingly with getting rid of so many products! I wish I was as good as parting with makeup haha xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. I wouldn't buy a used lip product unless it was really cheap, but I've found that lots of people are happy to use pre-used stuff! I don't think there's a good logical reason to avoid them but I still do it...

  3. Yes, I know there's no reason to avoid. I remember the story about the person who got an infection from lipsticks sold at a Rihanna concert so that kept me from buying lipsticks pre-owned. But I can't resist a good deal!

  4. So sad re: Etude House Drawing. I like that brow pen, too. I use black and light grey to create an ombre.

  5. I tried a sample of the ABH brow duo powder and it's great! Will probably switch to that because I can't deal with pomades and brow gels don't give me enough definition.