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FAVORITES | March 2014 ♡

This month, I didn't wear too much makeup because my skin was just not in a good place.  I was breaking out all over my chin and upper mouth/under my nose region, which wasn't pretty. Needless to say, I really focused on my skincare this past month and my skin has improved somewhat. I have a couple of products to show you, makeup-, skincare- and nail-wise, so let's jump right in!


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  • Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara*--I've never really seen the point in wearing high end mascara and since I'm on a limited budget, I never looked at them. This mascara totally changed my mind for sure. Holy Grail status here! You can read more about how I feel about this mascara here. Definitely recommend and will purchase the full size. ❤
  • MUFE HD Foundation + MUFE Full Cover Concealer--This has been a long time favorite of many a Youtuber so I decided to give it a go. The MUFE HD Foundation has light to medium coverage IMO but can be built up to full. I personally do not like to apply more than one layer of foundation because I'm no professional and I can get cake face really quickly if I do. To get added coverage, I use the Full Cover Concealer-a little goes a really long way-to cover up what the foundation doesn't cover fully. This gives me the most natural yet full cover look ever!
  • Benefit Porefessional--I can see why so many people are obsessed with it! It really does eliminate the look of pores on my face and helps my foundation spread easily. It doesn't have any oil control properties but it helps my foundation stay put on my face throughout the day and prevent my foundation from breaking down in my oily areas. It makes any foundation apply easily and look flawless. So glad I picked up the full size (but I'm not sure where I put it-gotta go look in my makeup stash to see if it's there >.<)
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original--Now I said that I didn't like it in my Best of 2013, BUT I decided to give it another try and now, my eyeshadow lasts for more than 10 hours without any creasing whatsoever! I think the problem was that I didn't apply enough for fear of creasing which caused me to end up with creasing anyway -_-. It also really helps my eyeshadows look vibrant and blend easily. Definitely a love now and I'm going to give the other ones a chance now. This comes in two sizes--.37 oz and .2 oz--so you can try the smaller size to see if you'll like it before committing to a full size, though I'm sure you'll love it!
  • Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Brown--I don't know if I've ever talked about the Revlon Brow Fantasy before but I will now! I haven't tried many brow products before so I can't comment on how it performs in comparison to others but I really like how it's double-sided, one end being the pencil and the other is a tinted brow gel. It's convenient to have two products in one when you're travelling though as you can see from my picture, the plastic cap for the pencil side cracked (nothing that tape can't fix!) so I would pack your makeup bag in a carry on or wrap it with some of your clothes or something. It's really hard for me to find a pencil that's ashy enough for my dark brown hair in the drugstore so this was a wonderful find! The only complaint is that the pencil side gets used up a lot faster than the gel side but they don't sell these things separately. The pencil is hard but soft enough to deposit the pigment..I have to be really careful not to press too hard or else I'll get the really dark, drawn-on brows that look unnatural. The gel is tinted and helps my eyebrows hairs stay in place instead of pointing downward (which makes them look sparser than they really are when they do that). If I'm running late or just want a super natural look, I'll just use the brow gel and that is enough for me. I would repurchase this once the gel runs out--until then, I'll be using my Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Pencils in place of this pencil. 
  • Real Techniques Buffing Brush--Still loving this brush! It blends my foundation so seamlessly and doesn't soak up too much product. The brush has really changed the way I see liquid foundation now and even my drugstore foundations look flawless when applied with this brush. I go into more detail in my February 2014 Favorites so check that out if you want to know more. ❤︎
  • e.l.f. Powder Brush--So I don't use this for powder #rebel. It has a flat top that isn't too dense and is perfect for buffing in foundation. I like the black bristles because it doesn't show how dirty the brush is (I like my makeup stuff to be as clean-looking as possible). I had a bit of trouble with the bristle part being loose but shoving it back onto the handle with some pressure made it more secure. 
I have a nail polish that I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be rocking this Spring and Summer. The Essie nail polish in "The More The Merrier" is a bright citron color that came out in the Summer 2013 collection. This nail polish totally brightens my skin.  Certain nail polishes make my skin look dull or dirty but this color compliments my skin tone. I don't know how it wears on its own because I usually wear a base and top coat with every manicure. I did try it without a topcoat and it lasted 3 days without chipping (I removed it to do a new manicure so it could've lasted a lot longer than that). The only con would be that I needed 3 coats for a completely opaque finish (luckily for me, it dries quickly in between each coat). 


clarisonic aria, clean and clear acne spot treatment, etude house ac clinic pink powder spot

  • Homemade Toner--I first heard about making your own toner through Youtube. I'm not sure who first clued me into this but I have tweaked that formula a bit but the stuff I put in mine is glycerin (to moisturize), witch hazel (to control the oil), water (to thin out the sticky glycerin), a couple drops of Vitamin E oil (a natural preservative) and rosewater (I don't know, it smells nice). If you want precise measurements and stuff, comment down below!
  • Clean & Clear Acne Spot Treatment--I wasn't using it before because I felt that it didn't work for me anymore but I pulled it out recently, freaked out because it was about to expire in 2 months. I didn't expect it to work but lo and behold, my skin bumps started coming to a head and drying out! I've been using it constantly (caused my skin to dry out a bit so I've stopped using it for now) and now I have a little bit (maybe a couple of uses left). I think a break is needed every once a while to keep the product working for me. I also compare it to Clinique's Acne Solutions Spot Healing Gel if you're interested in reading more!
  • Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Spot--Pimples don't stop appearing because my acne treatment stop working. Since I had to take a break from the Clean & Clear, using this at night helped keep my pimples at bay. I have a First Impressions here but I'll just tell you now, this stuff is liquid gold if you have pimples!
  • Clarisonic Aria--This was definitely an investment for me but it has changed my skin for the better. I've been using it for about 2 months now and I think it's been making all the stuff clogged in my skin come up to the surface while exfoliating my skin gently. I have the special edition collaboration with Josie Maran but I think the Pink color is most similar to the one I have. 

I really love all these products and will definitely be repurchasing them all once I run out. I have also created a collection on Luvocracy^ so you can also buy directly from there as well! I'll see you soon with another post shortly. 

MWAH Musings ♡

  • Going to hopefully catch up on blog posts this weekend. Got a nail polish set review coming up! Just did the swatches for all of them. ^_^
  • I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow--been eating out every day this past week Y_Y
  • Really need to go do my brows..been threading them lately and really loving the results. What do you do to your brows to remove unwanted hair--if you do anything at all? 
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Disclosure Statement: All products mentioned were purchased with my own money. I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned above and was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.I cannot guarantee that the product(s) will work for you. I do not approve or endorse the products or information available on these sites. Proceed at your own risk. Products marked with an asterisk (*) were given to me as samples or gifts with purchase. Products marked with a caret (^) are affiliate links.

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