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HAUL | Colourpop Shadows and Lippies

colourpop ultra matte lip in chilly chili, clueless, saigon, satin lip in november, lippie stix in aquarius, lumiere, lippie pencil in lumiere, kathleenlights collaboration swatches Colourpop super shock eyeshadows Krinkle, Weenie, Drift, Cornelious, Porter, Rex, Wattles swatches
After following the Youtube beauty community for several years and being burned countless of times, I hesitated on jumping on the Colourpop bandwagon. KathleenLights is one of my favorite Youtubers so when she released her second collaboration with Colourpop, I wanted to show my support. But as every beauty lover is prone to do, my eyes started wandering and I ended up with 8 Super Shock Eyeshadows, 3 Ultra Matte Lips, 2 Lippie Stix, 1 Satin Matte Lip and 1 Lippie Pencil. For someone trying to downsize her collection, hauls seem counterintuitive. But I have no other reason for wanting this other than that I cannot turn away from glittery shadows and affordable products.  I have swatches of the lip products and two looks for y'all. I wanted to keep the shadows looking pretty for a review so I haven't swatched them for the blog but will include those photos soon!


Colourpop super shock eyeshadows Krinkle, Weenie, Drift, Cornelious, Porter, Rex, Wattles swatches
clockwise from top: Krinkle, Weenie, Drift, Cornelious, Porter, Rex
center: Wattles
The Colourpop Super Shock Shadows were what put Colourpop on the map. The unique texture and embossing definitely drew me in. I'd compare them to the L'Oreal Infallibles but even more delicate. I dropped two of them onto wooden flooring and immediately noticed they lifted up from the pan. Luckily, they were easy to press back into the pan with just my fingers--good as new! As a human magpie, I gravitated towards the more glittery shades. I did pick up one matte to make sure I had a variety of finishes to test.
colourpop super shock eyeshadows in amaze, 3, dgaf, cheeky, tea party, nillionaire, so quiche, sugar, i heart this swatches
I've taken the color descriptions from Colourpop because I'm not great at describing colors, haha. The shadows I picked up are as follows:
  • Tea Party -- A metallic peachy pink with silver and pale pink glitters. Tea is my drink of choice and the color looked amazing online. This one is sheerer than the other shadows but can be built up to full opacity with some work. I like it paired with Cheeky for an orange look.
  • Cheeky -- A satin finish midtone candy coral pink with duochrome. The duochrome isn't pronounced and comes off more like a matte shadow. I've always wanted a true coral eyeshadow and love this one!
      • Weenie -- A pearlized pinky rose gold. This one is the same color as Sequin but not as glittery.
      • Sequin -- A metallic copper penny with silver and gold glitter. In addition to red toned eyeshadows, I love wearing rose gold this time of year. I've been wearing this shade, along with Weenie, these past couple of days and I've got to say, this is lovely!
      colourpop super shock eyeshadows in tea party, cheeky, weenie, sequin swatches

        • Wattles -- A satin-finish dusty beige pink. Weird name but pretty color. 
        • Cornelious -- A matte midtone warm caramel. If you didn't know, this shadow is named after Kathleen's adorable pup. I haven't swatched it yet but Stephanie Nicole prefers the Colourpop mattes over their shimmers so I have high hopes.
        • Amaze -- A metallic rose gold with multi-color and multi-dimensional glitter. For some reason, Colourpop's "rose gold" shadows pull coppery and orange on me. This one is a light peachy orange on me but I love this color anyway.
        • DGAF -- A metallic medium-toned rusty brown with multi-dimensional gold glitter. Rusty brown didn't sound so appealing but the color is one of my favorites! It's a warm brown with the prettiest gold glitters. Definitely going to be used a lot this fall.
        • Nillionaire -- A metallic warm bronze with gold and multidimensional glitter. This is a popular shade but it was so-so for me. It didn't look as pigmented as it does on the website but I am sure that with a good primer and a few additional layers, it could look like it does online.
                colourpop super shock eyeshadows wattles, cornelious, amaze, dgaf, nillionaire swatches

                • Drift -- A pearlized true cranberry. I'd describe it as a dark red with purple undertones. As fall approaches, I'm gravitating towards reddish toned shadows. Looking forward to smokey eyes with this shadow.
                • Porter -- A metallic warm burgundy with multi-dimensional gold glitter. This has more purple than what I'd usually associate with burgundy but it's still a lovely color. This shadow is also named after one of Kathleen's dogs.
                • I Heart This -- A metallic cool-toned silvery taupe with multi-colored glitter. Along with bronze, I love taupe shadows. This one is surprisingly better than the online swatches and I can't wait to pair it with some reddish shadows.
                • So Quiche -- A metallic olive with highly reflective gold and pink duochrome. This is another ubiquitous shade and it's definitely unique. It's not as green as I thought it would look but I do have a yellow undertone, which affects the shades. The good thing is that there's no glitter fallout!
                • 3 -- A metallic cool toned bronze with silver and multi-color glitter. If y'all didn't know, 3 is my favorite number and bronze tones are my ultimate favorite so it felt like a match made in heaven. 
                  colourpop super shock eyeshadows drift, porter, i heart this, so quiche, 3 swatches

                    • Sugar -- A metallic silvery blue with champagne and gold glitter. This shade reminded me of Cinderella's dress and while she's not my favorite Disney princess, this would be perfect for winter. It's actually pigmented so I can see this looking great for the inner corners or all over the lid.
                      • Krinkle -- A metallic smoky blue with silver and gold glitter. This one has been discontinued so I'm glad to have it. While I don't wear blue eyeshadows often, I seem to gravitate towards this color family often. 
                      • Rex -- A black base with multiple shades of blue glitter. Not sure where I'd wear this but I've had my eye on this shade since Colourpop first launched. Fingers crossed that it looks pretty on the eyes also!
                        colourpop super shock eyeshadows  sugar, krinkle and rex swatches

                        colourpop ultra matte lip in chilly chili, clueless, saigon, satin lip in november, lippie stix in aquarius, lumiere, lippie pencil in lumiere, kathleenlights collaboration swatches
                        my prefered  dog pile -- the makeup kind!

                        ULTRA SATIN + MATTE LIPS

                        colourpop ultra matte lip in chilly chili, clueless, saigon, satin lip in november, swatches
                        from top to bottom: November, Clueless, Chilly Chili and Saigon
                        Liquid lipsticks are all the rage but for a girl with chronically dry lips, they're not something I have a lot of. I don't know what possessed me to purchase three of them of my own free will but a photo on Colourpop's instagram convinced me that that particular color is one I will love for the rest of my life. I'm a sentimental person as you'll see that my purchases were motivated by sentiments more than actual color selection...
                        • November -- A satin mid-tone warm peachy pink. If you didn't know, my dad, brother, cousin and I were all born in November so it's a special month for me. I don't like my actual birthstone but this is a color I'd gladly wear. It's quite glossy at first but does dry down a teeny bit. 
                        • Clueless -- A matte dusty mauve pink. Once this dries down, it looks more mauvey than pink, which makes me look washed out. Never watched the movie but the color is nice enough.
                        • Chilly Chili -- A matte muted plummy brown. It's been discontinued and for good reason! The swatch on the website showed a much more plummy color but mine is straight up brown. It doesn't look anything like it does in the tube, which is a major disappointment because this one was the one I was most excited for. Lesson learned: don't trust Instagram photos.
                        • Saigon -- A matte warm-toned red. I don't wear red lips often but when I do, I want it to last. This one is very bright so it fits in with summer more than it does fall. But I like to mix it with other colors, like Chilly Chili, to brighten the color and make it more my style. 
                        colourpop ultra matte lips in notion, viper, times square and lovebug swatches
                        These UMLs came as a freebie for spending $50usd. They run the gamut of colors, from dark berry to pinky nude so I'm all set for fall and winter!
                        colourpop ultra matte lips in notion, viper, times square and lovebug swatches

                        LIPPIE STIX + PENCIL

                        lippie stix in aquarius, lumiere, lippie pencil in lumiere, kathleenlights collaboration
                        Lip products in a twist-up pencil format are my favorites because they're firmer than traditional lipsticks. This makes them last longer on my lips but aren't drying like liquid lipsticks. All the colors featured are from the KathleenLight's collab. I picked up only two because I wasn't sure how I'd like these. I also picked up the matching pencil because I can count the number of lip liners I have on one hand (the only product I can do so for!). The colors I picked up:

                        • Aquarius -- A creme finish soft pink nude. It looked so brown online but I'm glad to say that it's not the case in person. This is definitely my kind of nude - pale but not so much that I look sick, hehe.
                        • Lumiere -- A matte dusty mauve pink. As you can see, I tend to gravitate towards these kinds of colors. KathleenLights created this color with bold and shy people in mind and I can see it working for a variety of skin tones and makeup styles. This one leans pinker on me so I can foresee this being a purse staple!
                        • Lumiere (pencil) -- A dusty mauve pink. The matching pencil is creamy for a lip liner but drier than the lippie stix so it'll help with longevity or feathering. 
                        colourpop ultra matte lip in chilly chili, clueless, saigon, satin lip in november, lippie stix in aquarius, lumiere, lippie pencil in lumiere, kathleenlights collaboration

                        THE LOOK

                        colourpop weenie, ultra matte lip in chilly chili
                        This look was using Weenie and Chilly Chili. I added a warm orange in the crease for some definition and to blend the shadow a bit. I'm a bit disappointed because both colors weren't what I was expecting, but with a little bit of tweaking, I can make them work.
                        colourpop sequin super shock eyeshadow, ultra matte lips in chilly chili
                        Ignore the orange foundation! I was trying out a new combination and the color match was totally off. Doesn't look too bad in photos but it was obvious in person. My brother was so nice and didn't say anything mean but complimented that my skin looked nice, haha. Anyway, I used a pink cream eyeshadow under Sequin to give it a more rose gold appearance. I also used MUG Whimsical in the inner corners to enhance the pink tones along with Benefit Dandelion blush in the crease. On the lips is Colourpop Chilly Chili and an Etude House liquid lipstick.  I forgot what the name of the Etude House lipstick but will look for it when I get home! Looks much more like the color I was wanting. So if you ever get a color you're unhappy with, don't throw it away but find something in your collection to tweak it. That's the difficulties of purchasing online but I'm loving the results!

                        So that's all I have for today! My initial thoughts on Colourpop are that if you love glittery eyeshadows or unconventional colors, it's great place to start. I haven't done cost breakdowns but expect that in upcoming reviews. However, I highly recommend looking up multiple swatches and to not trust the website's studio photos. They appear much darker in person, as I belatedly discovered. Not sure if it's because of different batches but still, quality control should have caught it. 

                        What have y'all hauled lately?
                         I'm dreading the holiday season as there will be tons of things to tempt me...

                        (*) denotes a brand that is not cruelty-free.
                        (**) denotes a brand whose cruelty-free status is unknown/unverified. 


                        Cindy ♥

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